Secrets & Happiness of Digital Publishing: Adobe InDesign CS6: Workflow improvements for Digital Publishing


Today, Adobe announced the new InDesign CS6, as part of the new Adobe Creative Cloud service, where you can get all of Adobe’s desktop tools from the Master Collection, all Touch Apps and a bunch of web services and storage for a around 50 Dollars, monthly.

There is a pretty

CS6! Get at me!

(The author begins weeping, realizing he’ll be long gone by the time the Daily upgrades to CS6.)

Sometimes, InDesign and Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite don’t get along.

Sometimes that results in having to restart InDesign. Sometimes it results in things exporting funky. This is the latter.

Above, the cover of a story about ISU star Royce White’s announcement he’d depart to the NBA. Below, the same thing, but with stuff from the next three pages, too. Which, you know, is almost better.


Adobe released important sprint 19 update


The version 19 of Adobe DPS is available for download in the digital publishing dashboard. The Folio Builder Panel needs to be updated since Marc 12th.

Remember: Upgrading the producer tools is always optional. To be able to use the new features, you need to wait for the Content Viewer to be…

Sharing to Facebook has hit DPS publications. This (or, you know, March 15 when this was first posted) is a big day.

Adobe will add video software to digital publishing tools

Adobe announced Primetime Highlights, a video platform for quick distribution of video highlights.

The program will work similarly to the Digital Publishing Suite, but will distribute videos instead of digital magazines.

Speaking of digital magazines, Mashable also reported these figures related to Adobe digital publishing.

  • 16 million digital publications downloaded
  • More than half of digital publication readers spend as much as 2.5 hours a month consuming DPS-produced publications
  • 68% pay for digital magazines and newspapers built in DPS
  • Almost half of all interactive elements included in these publications are clicked on at least once
  • Every fifth page of these publications is an Ad (on par with physical publications)

Urban Plains digital magazine launches at Drake

A capstone class offered at Drake University in Des Moines allows students the opportunity to produce a digital magazine called Urban Plains. The magazine is produced using InDesign, but does not utilize the Digital Publishing Suite, as many Adobe-designed magazines do. Instead, it uses Mag+, an alternative publisher.

Secrets & Happiness of Digital Publishing: What Adobe wanted and planned for a digital magazine [historic]


You may have heard that Adobe was planning the DPS based on AIR (and comming from Flash) early in 2010, just between the announcement and the availability of the Apple iPad. (later Adobe had to drop the Air/Flash workflow and developed what we now know as the Digital Publishing Suite for…

Should be interesting to those who use or have used the Digital Publishing Suite.

I’ve been holding on to this for some time, but this Martha Stewart Living video (yes, Martha Stewart Living) was one of the key components of the presentation I and other members of the Daily staff gave to the Publication Board last spring to propose the launch of the Daily’s tablet edition (now live for download, by the way [hint, hint]).

All the reasons Martha (yes… Martha) gives for wanting to get Living onto the iPad are the reasons we had for wanting to get the Daily onto the iPad. That, and it’s the future.

Big, beautiful photos. Panoramic displays. Embeddable videos. More, even! Martha saw its potential. Can’t you?

(Here is a playlist my good friend Zach put together with more videos from Adobe Digital Publishing Suite users. They’re good views.)